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LiFePO4 battery 12V 6Ah with 6A BMS

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【LONGER SERVICE LIFE】: Our LiFePO4 battery provides 2000 cycles & a 10 years lifetime compared to 200 - 500 cycles & a 3 years lifetime in typical Lead Acid batteries. The service life is more than 4 to 10 times that of lead-acid batteries.. At a sleek 2.2 lbs, our 6Ah 12v battery weighs in at only 1/3 the weight of lead acid batteries! With no acid in the battery, you're able to safely mount in any position.

【LITHIUM ION TECHNOLOGY】: Unlike Lead Acid batteries, our Enjoybot deep cycle lithium ion batteries have unlimited mounting capability, exceptional longevity, and are more cost effective. Our LiFePO4 battery’s flat discharge curve holds above 12V for up to 95% of its capacity usage providing astronomical boosts in run-time compared to only 50% in Lead Acid. Plus, Li-Ion batteries can be safer than Lead Acid batteries, which have no protection against ground faults.

【BUILT-IN BMS】: The lithium battery’s unique built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects it from overcharge, deep discharge, overloading, overheating and short circuit. Built-in high-temp cut off prevents charging over 167°F (75 °C). and Built-in low-temp cut off prevents charging under 32°F (0 °C).

【CAPACITY EXTENSION】: Our Lifepo4 batteries can be connected in parallels and in series for larger capacity and voltage. Max connection in series: Up to 4 identical batteries for up to 48V connecting in series. Connection in parallels: it can connect multiple batteries, suggest no more than 4pcs in parallel. Allow to be extended up to 4 in series and 4 in parallel (Max 4S4P) to get more capacity (Max 24Ah) and higher voltage (24V, 36V, 48V). Other installation methods: 4S2P, 2S2P, 3S2P, etc.

【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】: Our Enjoybot Lifepo4 batteries, all of our batteries come with an industry-leading 10 year warranty,30-day money-back, and lifetime technical support service. All batteries will be tested for capacity and checked for external damage before packaging. We stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If there is any problem with the battery, please contact us, we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Rated Capacity : 6Ah
Operating Voltage: 12.8V
Charging Voltage:14.6V
Standard Charge Current: 1.2A
Maximum Continuous Charging Current: 3A
Maximum Discharge current 5 Seconds: 18A
Dimension(L x H x W): 3.66 x 2.44 x 5.9 inch
Working Temperature Range:
Charge: 0℃--50℃
Discharge: -20'℃--60℃